About ΚΣ

Four Pillars

  1. Fellowship
    Joining Kappa Sigma provides opportunities for fellowship, fun and personal growth that you simply can’t get elsewhere. Over 220,000 men have joined and enjoyed the unmatched experiences, involvement and lifelong Brotherhood that Kappa Sigma offers.
  2. Leadership
    Take the lead. In Kappa Sigma, Brothers learn to get involved in their communities and take the lead when something needs to be done. Countless Brothers, including senators, governors and CEOs, have stated that Kappa Sigma gave them the leadership skills they needed to succeed.
  3. Scholarship
    Kappa Sigma helps men excel in the classroom. From its earliest beginnings in Renaissance Italy, Kappa Sigma has existed to promote scholarship to its members. Over $250,000 is awarded each year by the Kappa Sigma Endowment Fund to Brothers who demonstrate success in scholarship and leadership. At the chapter level, Brothers help Brothers learn about the campus, provide advice on professors and classes and help study for class assignments.
  4. Service
    Helping others is part of being a Kappa Sigma. Brothers spend thousands of hours working in their communities and raising thousands of dollars for worthy causes each year. From organizing park clean-ups to serving as Big Brothers to organizing charity rock concerts, Kappa Sigmas work hard for their causes. College is fun, but only service to others gives men the great feeling of knowing they’ve helped someone and made a difference.

Vision Statement

  • Vision: An organization with an even more dominating presence at the Missouri Southern State University with strong, diverse representation and involvement in other Registered Student Organizations, complete with becomingly reputed gentlemen, reverent scholars, and well developed leaders amidst the chapter and the community.
  • Mission: To cultivate a Brotherhood in which we counsel our members in accordance with the teachings of our ritual and the principles embodied in the Star and Crescent, instilling in the verdant: a sense of duty to our fellow man and the world, scholarly discipline, behavior and etiquette conventionally accepted by society, and professional civility.

Hazing Policy

  • Membership in Kappa Sigma is a privilege. Each member, pledge or initiate, undergraduate and alumnus, is bound by this Code of Conduct.
  • Each member of Kappa Sigma Fraternity is responsible for seeing that he:
    • Acts as a gentleman, setting an example of moral behavior;
    • Conducts himself as a good student, good neighbor, and good citizen;
    • Obeys the laws, rules and regulations of his country, state or province, city and county, and college or university;
    • Understands and abides by the Constitution, By-Laws and Rules of Kappa Sigma Fraternity, including the Standards of Conduct, the acts and resolutions of Grand Conclaves, and his chapter’s by-laws; and
    • Does not engage in, permit or tolerate hazing , or the unlawful use of alcohol or possession of controlled substances;
  • When the Fraternity finds that any member fails or refuses to abide by this Code of Conduct, the Fraternity may take such actions as permitted in the Constitution, By-Laws and Rules up to and including removing the individual from membership in Kappa Sigma Fraternity.