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Scholastic Benefits
Scholastic excellence is highly valued to members of the Greek community. Most fraternities implement and exercise a scholarship program that ensure academic success for the organization and its members — common characteristics of these programs are  tutoring, course advice from experienced members, and awards/incentives for outstanding scholastic performance.

Service Opportunities
Providing service for communities and charitable organizations is another merit of fraternities. Each group supports their own philanthropy, or charitable cause, by holding events and fund raisers throughout the year. This involvement provides inspiration to others, positively affects many lives, instills a fulfilling sense of contribution, and adorns a resume.

Leadership Opportunities
Committed involvement in a fraternity allows for personal development as every chapter is a self-governed organization. Students are thus given opportunities to develop and hone their leadership skills by learning how to manage their peers, planning, organizing and coordinating events and conducting professional meetings. Many successful men and women credit their leadership abilities to their participation and achievements in the Greek system. Knowledge obtained from educational programs and guest speakers also help nurture one’s personal development.

Social/Networking Opportunities
The Greek system presents students with social and networking opportunities. The experiences shared by members in a brotherhood establish strong relationships and cement bonds that last a lifetime. Being Greek allows you to network such that you meet hundreds of people from all walks of life with scopious networks of their own. Moreover, one’s network will consist of selfless alumni wanting to assist fellow members in anyway possible. Other opportunities occur as social gatherings between two organizations, commonly referred to as ‘MIXERS’, facilitate casual acquaintances that may otherwise be awkward situations.

Why choose Kappa Sigma over other fraternities?

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Kappa Sigma is dedicated to success. With over 14,000 active members, 175,000 living alumni and 315 chapters worldwide, Kappa Sigma, as of January 2012, is the largest greek system in the world. From 2009-2011 Kappa Sigma chapters and colonies donated over $2,800,000 and more than 859,000 man hours to charity.Over 1,000 organizations have benefited from the service of Kappa Sigma Chapters and Brothers.  As of 2011, the fraternity has donated $253,942 to the “Kappa Sigma Military Heroes Campaign”, to support the Fisher House Foundation which provides aid to soldiers from the United States of America who are injured in battle while serving their countries. As a member of Kappa Sigma, brothers are are able beneficiaries of the$300,000 endowment fund (largest in the country), a fund used for scholarships given to worthy and deserving brothers by the National Kappa Sigma Organization.